Olga Agapova (Saint-Petersburg, Russia)

We managed to lure Agapova out of St. Petersburg! It wasn’t easy as she is one of the most beloved Djs at her hometown and they have to let her go ever so often to play in other cities and abroad. Her popularity is well-deserved - the delicate Olga sweeps everyone off their feet with her powerful musical energy.


Anatoly Popov (Krasnodar, Russia)

We love this DJ because he's intelligent, honest, chivalrous and always plays good music. If you replace the last item with “skilled swordsman”, you would think we’re talking about a noble knight. In general, so it is - Anatoly commands over countless treasures of tango records, expertly manages the DJ mixer and is faithful to his lovely lady.


Inês Tabajara (Porto, Portugal)

Winter Lviv surprised Inês. She saw snow for the first time in her life and it turned out to be deliciously fluffy and cold. But Inês also surprised everyone by creating unbelievable tandas, juggling orchestras and vocalists. She won our hearts with her musical intuition and irresistible energy.


Asya Moiseeva (Saint-Petersburg, Russia)

When we saw photos of desserts Asya makes we almost invited her to be the pastry chef at El Huracan, but remembered in time that the marathon is about tango not sweets. This time Asya will serve you with superb music instead of pies. Don’t you agree - a tanda of D’Arienzo is much better than a chocolate cake!


Ralph Nasi (Turkey)

The globe must seem really small to Ralph. He spent most of his life in Australia, often travels to Argentina and all over the world. Now he is popularizing the traditional style of tango in his native Turkey. A true Warrior of Codigos and Knight of the Golden Age, Ralph knows well how to create the perfect milonga.


Mariko (Kiev, Ukraine)

Mariko looks natural at the dj’s table - she is a sound director. But she looks just as natural taking photographs of Israeli landscapes, climbing up a high tree, breaking the waves of the Dnipro on a kayak or choosing a new brooch at a Paris thrift market. Vivid impressions inspire her for powerful djing.